Peter's unexpected quotes, celebrations, facial expressions, gestures make us all smile. It is certainly not all about racing and victory salutes either. So here in this gallery, you will find photos, drawings etc. of/around Mr. Sagan. Some of them still might be from the races but certainly not the ones you see everyday on the race news.


Photo: © Paweł Gadzała, taken from @8aldwin - 11 April 2013

I wasn't expecting this! Above you see a physics book in Slovak. Yes, it is Peter Sagan's victory salute from last year's Tour de France. When it comes to producing watts, there seems to be no better explanation than Peter himself!


Photo: © Daily Sagan, taken from - 10 April 2013

People are always curious and trying to find out where Peter gets his energy from. Unfortunately there are always accusations too. With Sagan's recent dominance on the road, such rubbish has become so pervasive that when you type "Peter Sagan" in Google, one of the recommendations you get is "doping". This is all wrong.

Above is Peter's recipe for success! Yes, it is an energy drink!


Illustration: © Magnificent Octopus, taken from - 19 February 2013

Andy Arthur is a freelance illustrator and bicycle obsessive. He takes photos and makes illustrations. Especially his Legends of Cycling album caught my attention. The album includes several cycling legends including Eddy Merckx, Laurent Fignon, Roger de Vlaeminck, Greg LeMond, Graeme Obree, Bernard Hinault. On his webshop, some of these illustrations are available to be printed. Please check his album if you have a chance, on


Photo: © Peter's official Facebook page, taken from - 24 March 2013

Heidi Callewaert did an amazing job with this painting. The painting met the public eye at Gent-Wevelgem 2013. Luckily, it was a race Peter won. It was his first classic title indeed! If you check the details on the drawing you can see some of Peter's palmares are mentioned. Please also note that the date of the upcoming Tour of Flanders race got some special mention too. It seems Heidi did have high hopes for Peter. Right now we know the result. Peter couldn't win but managed to finish second!


Illustration: © Anders Bendixen, taken from - 27 March 2013

Anders Bendixen is a visual artist and illustrator from Denmark, and a passionate cycling fan. He said the following on his blog post: "I’m not very impressed with Sagan or his wheelies. Now if he’d do something like this I’d clap my hands." Peter has already celebrated his victories with a wide range of salutes, some are now thinking he might be running out of ideas soon. This certainly could work!


Drawing: © Rob Ijbema, taken from - 02 July 2012

Rob Ijbema makes spectacular paintings of cycling's epic moments. He sometimes paints some iconic moments from the past but he is probably mostly known for his consistency in painting today's races. He for instance did paint every single stage of Tour de France 2012 and then he also came up with a book consisting all.

If you are wondering, the painting above is of Tour de France 2012 Stage 01 where Peter got his first Tour stage win in his first attempt! Please visit his website to see some of his paintings.